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Originally Posted by slamdance View Post
There is very little reporting by riders using this on anything less than a 36".
I have used the Shadow handle on 29", 26" and 24" unicycles. I first installed the Shadow handle on my 29er. I was hesitant to cut length off the handle, so I started out with the handle at full length. Between that and the rim brake I had installed, I felt I was going to eat pavement at any moment. I became both scared and bored of road riding, converted the 29er to a muni, and shortened the handle.

Around the same time, I installed a KH T-bar on my 26" muni. Eventually I swapped the T-bar and Shadow handle (which ended up on my 26"). I spent a *lot* of time adjusting / experimenting with both the Shadow Handle and the T-bar. The Shadow Handle is more stiff, which I like. I ended up also installing a Shadow handle on my 24".

I think you're going to have to play around with the handle before you can really evaluate it. The first time I used a handle, it seemed like a nuisance. Now, I ride virtually 100% of the time with both hands on the bar ends.

Regarding your comment about the tightening bolt: I tighten the heck out of it. Figure out how much torque you can apply without deforming the bolt head. I overdid it and had to replace one of the bolts. But, I could go a long time without having to check tightness (which is a kind of PITA with the Shadow).

Your post didn't indicate how long the handle was, but I suggest you cut it down to muni length, learn to use it at that length, then later on if you feel like it, buy a longer bar. Also, find something to put on the bar ends to soften the blow of the handle hitting the ground. I use rubber stoppers for lacrosse sticks. They have a nice, cushy end. And tighten the crap out of the bolt.

And regarding whether the seat should angle up or down or not at all, I think there's no substitute for experimentation.

On a side note, I just installed a Mad4One seat/handle on my 26". I bought it with no adornment. On my first ride, I wore thick bicycle shorts. The seat/handle engaged my sit bones nicely and was fairly comfortable, considering that I was sitting on aluminum bars. I bought the "L" (long) model. It measures the same length as my Shadow setup, though it "feels" longer. As with the Shadow and T-bar, it's going to take a lot of experimentation to get it "dialed-in".

slamdance, sorry to hear you injured yourself. I hope you are able to keep riding.
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