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Originally Posted by slamdance View Post
Just bought one of these "handlebar kits" the nimbus shadow handle set.
My plan was to buy something larger than my 24" mountain for the near future.
However, I wanted to "try" this out with what I had.
Good thing. I had some major injury falling and here's some advice.

1.) The additional "tip down" force tends to create a "very fragile" stability. As you enjoy leaning forward with your weight on the bars and seat more comfortable and going fast, the slightest disruption will cause you to crash. Not just a normal "land on your feet" UPD. More like a forward end/over/end fall. Don't think so? Next time you ride, try leaning forward a little more...and will find yourself going faster...but then...

2.) I recommend you "do not" angle the seat at all. Keep it level and do not lean on the bar too much. Put your hands on the bar mainly to compensate for side/side wobble, when trying to go faster.

3.) There is a basic design problem with the "geared" post and "geared" saddle mounting bracket. It comes loose after 10 minutes of riding. Why? Not the screw, but the basic gear mesh of the two parts. Typically, with "good gear mesh" the points do not come in contact, but rather the flats so there is better contact area. You can remedy this by filing the tips before assembly. Also, the surface contact of the single M10x30 button head bolt is crappy. You should try to find a washer with a small OD(17mm or less).

Keep in mind, this was tested on a 24" unicycle not a 36". It's possible the larger wheel will roll better and be more stable. Pratt and Geezer don't seem to have any problems with it. However, you must also be better skilled to ride such a big wheel, also. I'd recommend to anyone before putting on handle bars to try them out on smaller unicycle, first. So you can get the feel and ride "cautiously", I believe using these bars and riding fast is for advanced/expert level. I thought I was pretty rock solid riding on grass and large gravel, and I can ride with just pedal pressure for balance(no arms needed). There is very little reporting by riders using this on anything less than a 36".
If you are at your max safe RPM at 12 mph on a 24"... you'll reach your max safe RPM at 18 mph on a 36"!!!
That's why the handlebar works better on big wheel: big wheels requires more torque but don't suffer from overspinnig at extreme RPM as smaller wheels do. Keep your handle bar for your big wheel! I use it on my hunirex and it is perfect for the job
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